Painted Oysters


One day I was eating fabulous oysters at Raw 167 (definitely go there if you want an amazing oyster experience – also their chips and guac are to die for), and I was staring at the shells left behind taking in the pretty deep violet splash against the pearl white and decided to ask for a to go box to stash them. Didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but I would figure out something. Thus, with my newly pilfered catch of shells I went onto Pinterest with the vague remembrance of once seeing a project of painting the back of the shells a burnt gold and lacquering the insides. Found the project but didn’t like how the gold looked – so I went a head a bought some metallic rose gold paint and went to painting. And BOOM – there went my creative streak. 

 I use my shell mainly in holding my rings, but they can be used for anything really. Some are large enough to put a mini soap bar into in a bathroom setting (or next to your sink) – others can be used as decoration to just look pretty. I even saw a post where someone used them as salt and pepper holders at a fancy party gig. Doesn’t matter – do whatever.

Note: shells come in different sizes and depths. Some shells may not look exactly like the photo.

Small oysters: $25; Large oysters: $35. Send a message if interested!   


When I was 16, my parents got to the point where they were exasperated by how much I read. It used to be a way of punishing me (not that I ever got into a lot of trouble as a kid) to take away my books so I couldn’t finish the story I was reading until the punishment was over – pure TORTURE I tell you. Anywho – my parents told me one day that since I loved reading so much why don’t I try and write my own story?

And thus The Elemental Guardian Trilogy was born!

I will have to admit that my first manuscript was pretty dreadful – used way, WAY too many adjectives. So it kinda stagnated for a few years as I tried to become a better writer than my 16 year old self and completely revamped my way too many adjective first book into an actual manuscript of an actual story around my senior year of college.

My dad ended up contacting me one day about this publishing house he heard of on the radio – a one Page Publishing Inc., and the conversation boiled down to ‘what the heck do you have to lose?’ Nothing as it turned out. They accepted my manuscript and there went my tentative career as a young adult fantasy writer.

Book III is currently in progress – but the series is a great read if you have brothers, sisters, cousins, kids, family children, or other from the ages of 11-18. Or fun for adults who have peter pan syndrome and want to explore my world of fantasy!

The Elemental Guardian Series