When the Water is so Bad, You Drink Booze

Can you imagine living in a world where the water is so bad that it is better to drink yourself into an early grave through alcoholism? Well that was a real reality for many Charlestonians in the early days. Come see (and try if your curious) these early pre-colonial drinks.

Picture is from Munkle Brewery in Charleston SC

Beach Essentials

So everyone always has those essentials they pack whenever they go on vacation – and depending on where your vacation…

The Charleston Scene – Behind the Scenes

Our first splash into trying to pose for photos! Wouldn’t have thought it to be too hard, but daym. There’s a lot of thought that goes into … well, everything in photo poses.

Featured Image: @newyorkcharlestonain

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  • When the Water is so Bad, You Drink Booze ... Our latest post for our Gritty Holy City section! Read about how early Charlestonians drank to avoid disentary and recipes for these early boozy drinks!
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